Ways to Connect

The Sisters may be able to provide…

A Listening Ear: Sisters are available for phone calls or video chats with parents who have time for a phone call, an elderly person who wants someone with whom to share the day’s happenings, anyone who would like to get to know a Sister, anyone who wants a phone buddy to talk with about their life, etc. To find out more about this could help you, please use the “Contact Us” page on this website.

Spiritual Direction: a trained professional to companion you as you take a long, loving look at what is real in your life. Spiritual Directors are available through the “Contact Us” page on this website.

Safe Conversations: moderated about topics of your concern and interest. One-to-one or small group moderated discussions without judgement or guilt; honest and confidential conversations that can lead to clearer understandings and assist with decision making. These safe conversations are available also by use of the “Contact Us” page.

Faith Formation Resources: feel free to contact us about resources, we are hoping to have more listed on our links and resources page soon! Each congregation associated with the Catholic Sisters of Kansas have well prepared and knowledgeable presenters on numerous topics; have experienced members who facilitate discussions on a variety of topics and issues; are experienced in the RCIA process and Sacramental Preparation. Please use our “Contact Us” page to find out more about such options or your needs for faith formation.

Retreats: Schedule one for you, your group, or your parish. See “Resources” for links to our spirituality centers.

Prayer: we will pray with you or for a special intention.

We also may be able to provide other forms of connection based on individual or parish needs. If you have a specific spiritual hunger or way to connect in mind, please fill out the form on our contact us page.