SCL Community Represented at Medicaid Expansion Hearings

Several Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Associates, SCL Staff, and volunteers attended the first hearing in four years on expanding Medicaid in Kansas. Today’s hearing at the Capitol in Topeka was packed with supporters of the cause.

Kansas is one of 10 states that has not yet expanded Medicaid, of which 90% of the cost is covered by the federal government under the Affordable Care Act. Expanding Medicaid would expand participants’ eligibility to 138% of the federal poverty rate and provide $700 million in annual federal funds. In Kansas, it could possibly prevent the closure of 59 rural hospitals.

Approximately 150,000 people in Kansas would benefit from Medicaid expansion, most of whom are low-income workers or those with chronic illnesses.

Catholic Sisters of Kansas has encouraged lawmakers to expand Medicaid through letters and visits to legislators at the capitol and rallies to support the cause. Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth is one of the Sister communities that make up Catholic Sisters of Kansas.

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